Searching new board

As another year has passed for our young organization, the time has arrived to start looking to our successors. Are you ready to run X!Delft Students for a year and push yourself and others to a higher level?


What is X!Delft Students:

X!Delft students aims to build the ultimate bridge between the TU Delft master students and major companies. This bridge will provide businesses with young and innovative ideas while students gain the practical work experience required to thrive in their future career.

X!Delft is a unique organisation that is different from other organisations with these four unique strong points:

  • Organising paid case-studies;
  • Colaborating with multi-disciplinary companies;
  • Offering inter-faculties student connections;
  • Providing technical and soft skills events;

By being part of the X!Delft Students board you are at the head of this unique organisation and will propagate these unique selling points.


Job information:

  • Organising challenges, trainings and other events with companies for masterstudents in Delft
  • Be part of a three person board in which you will fulfil the function of chair, events manager or marketeer
  • Close contact with companies and valorisation centre/TU Delft and student community
  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible work hours and place
  • Opportunity to implement innovative ideas in order to improve the student community wellbeing

What are we looking for in candidates?

  • First year master TU Delft Student
  • 6-10 hours available per week
  • English speaking
  • Soft Skills: teamplayer, hands-on mentality, willingness to learn and improve
  • Hard skills: microsoft office, editing skills (for promotional manager)
  • Committee or board experience is nice but not a must
  • 1 year available starting january 2021, with transfering period in december


Information per function


The chair will be the main contact between the companies and TU Delft aiming at improving external affairs. Within the board the chair is responsible for leading the meetings, ensuring deadlines compliance and motivating the team to thrive for improvements. In other words, we expect you to be the face of X!Delft students and ensure the board mission for 2021 is sucessful. You are a leader, a good communicator, able to closely follow on processes and aware of how to manage different stakeholders.



The main goal of the marketeer is to bring X!Delft Students close to TUDelft students in order to grow the community. The marketeer will ensure the events are seen by students by managing social media, website and newsletter and will make a marketing strategy for this. The marketeer will make all the promotional material, so editing skills are highly valued. We expect you to already know your way around social media, have a proactive mindset in discovering new possibilities to grow the community and willing to learn new approaches.


Events manager:

The events manager will create the value for the community by organising and managing all the events organised with companies or other stakeholders. The pulse of student community is the core of the organization, so the Events Manager should focus on the student community wishes, while keeping track of the growing pace and providing statistics, therefor taking action for growing the community. In changing times innovation is essential for success, so we expect you to adapt to students needs and anticipate their interests. A hands-on mentality, experience or just high motivation to organize events, willingness to improve stakeholders management are the attributes you should take into consideration. Dedication levels are expected from you to be even higher shortly before and during events!

Interested and ready to apply? Do this before november 22nd by mailing your CV, motivation letter and function preference to Include in your motivation letter how do you think X!Delft Students will make an impact in your life, why would X!Delft Students benefit from having you on-board and what experiences or skills are relevant for the position you’re applying for!

We’re always happy to help you decide if X!Delft Students is the right choice for you, so feel free to drop us a message on Instagram or by email at . Looking forward to hearing from you and stay safe!

Leaseplan casestudy

Do you want to know how to sell your ideas? Leaseplan will provide a brief workshop on this topic by getting to know the real needs of your potential customers. In this workshop, you will get the opportunity to participate in a case study organised by them in looking into the possibilities of shared car use in the future🚗. You will work in groups, show your idea in a few slides and present it at the end of the event.

The event will take place online on 11th November 2020. Registrations for this event are limited only for members. (If you haven’t become a member yet, you can signup at >> Becoming a member of our community is free of cost and takes only 2 minutes of your time).


Register for the event >>

P.S. If you live in Delft, pizza will be delivered to your doorstep for dinner😋.