Coffee sessions with Young Alumni's

Have you wished you could just talk to someone with experience in the working life and ask them all the questions you have? Today is your lucky day. X!Delft students is organising online coffee sessions with Young Alumni’s who just started working. In these coffee sessions you can ask all your burning questions about life after studying to one of our young alumni’s. From what you can expect after your studies till which tips and tricks are the key to success.

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6th of July 2020 16:00-16:30 with Kevin Hill
9th of July 2020 10:00-10:30 with Kevin Hill
9th of July 2020 10:00-10:30 with Vera Kalocsai
9th of July 2020 13:00-13:30 with Vera Kalocsai

Online training Roland Berger: Business models

Monday the 6th of July at 12:30 Roland Berger will organise an online training on business models. Business models are globally used to give more insights in the core aspects and values of businesses. Think for example of purpose, target customers and strategies. They are often used for entrepreneurs to give a direction to their company, but alsof by big companies to get insight in possibilities for future development.

Most of the students don’t have a company for which they need a business model, however, getting insight in how a business model is created and it works can give you more understanding on how a certain company works and why certain choices are made. And when you are still thinking about starting your own company this can also already help you on your way.

This event will be in coorperation with Roland Berger. Roland Berger is a global consulancy firm with over 2400 employees working in 35 countries. They work on many different cases in fields like smart cities, artificial intelligence, aircraft, electrical propulsion and currently also cases considering the corona virus crisis.

Are you interested in this event? Apply by filling in the google form below. Do this before 4th of July 2020, 23:59