Training Brunel

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Tuesday 3 December X!Delft Students will offer you another training hosted by one of our partners. Brunel is a world-wide operating secondment agency specialized in project management and consultancy in engineering, finance, IT, legal, marketing and energy industries. Brunel also focusses on getting students ready for the labor market. The training will be about your attitude and the impression you make on others. In group work, it is important to be able to reflect on the effect of your own attitude on others and also how others affect you. A more elaborate description of the training can be found below the registration form.

The training takes place 3 December between 16:00 and 19:00 at the Bouwcampus. Dinner and drinks are included!

Description of the training 

Every day you have contact with people, at home, on the road, and at work. Customers, employees, colleagues, family members, neighbors … Sometimes you are ‘on the same wavelength’ with someone and sometimes it seems that you come from completely different planets. You get along well with some, with others you have difficulty. What do you do if the other person exhibits behavior that is difficult for you, for example if you are approached by an authoritarian interlocutor in a fierce and compelling tone? Or, what is your approach if you want to make a timid and not very talkative conversation partner enthusiastic about something and it doesn’t work? And how do you deal with a talkative and over-enthusiastic colleague who constantly drowns you out during a meeting? The key to the answers lies in understanding and applying the psychology that lies behind behavior and the many ‘colors’ (DISC methodology) that you can recognize within behavior.

In this training you learn how you can recognize people by their behavior and how you can deal with different behaviors. On the one hand with the goal to get a ‘click’ with them, so you can achieve your own goals. On the other hand to prevent conflicts and to hold on to situations that are difficult for you.


The following topics are covered in the training course:
– recognizing different behavioral styles
– recognizing your own behavioral style
– respond to the behavioral style of the other

As a preparation for this training you will be asked to complete an online behavioral analysis (DISC methodology). DISC is a behavior assesment tool that divides all of our personalities in four different groups.