online brainstorm

For students these weeks are very doubtful. The exams are coming up, but the question stays: will there be exams? The TU Delft is looking in all ways how to digitalize the exams in a fair way without having the chance of fraud. A problem that can have multiple solutions. As many hands will make light work, why not brainstorm about this with you guys.
So, do you think you have a good solution to digitalize examination for the TU Delft? Visualize your idea in any way you can think of. A short clip, mindmap, moodboard, model, etc. On the 5th of April we will post a facebook message on our facebook page on which you can comment with your idea. In this way our whole community can see everyone’s ideas. Afterwards you will get 48 hours to get as many likes on your commented idea as possible. The idea with the most votes will get a price send to his or her home! Also the 4 runner-ups will get a small price.

We look forward to your ideas!!

The Idea box

We as the student board try our best to come up with ideas that suit our community the best. But then we thought, who knows our community better then the community itself. That is why we want to give you a stage to raise your voice and share your opinion and ideas. Do you have a great idea for a next (online) event for X!Delft Students? Do you have a specific topic on which you would like to hear more from an expert in the field? Or would you like to develop a certain skill in which we can help you? Share it with us in the google form sheet underneath. Under the responses a small price will be raffled.

Fill in the google form at before the 10th of April.

Q&A with X!Delft

We often get a lot of questions about what X!Delft actually is and what it can offer you. To get more understanding of everything around X!Delft we will organise a Q&A session. Do you have any question about the projects X!Delft organises, how they think about innovation and what their link is to the TU Delft? Ask them on facebook or instagram. We will make a seperate post about this Q&A under which you can comment your question. The answers to these questions will be presented to you in a small clip. Already an answer to a question you might have: X!Delft has a lot of knowledge on networking, skills development, innovation and teamwork as well. So enough to ask about.

Share your question on facebook via or on instagram via Do this before the 5th of April.